We're walking to New Orleans! Here's how it works:

  • For 12 weeks (April 17-July 9) walk, run, bike, do housework, garden, swim, etc.!
  • Use this exercise log to keep track of your "miles" (1 mi. = distance traveled or 20 mins of physical activity ).
  • Each week, report your miles to the Walk To coordinator using the form below!
  • Our collective miles will add up and we'll get to New Orleans and back in no time!  

Why New Orleans? Mount Olive youth will be traveling to NOLA in July 2016 for the LCMS National Youth Gathering. This destination goal connects our community as a whole to their journey and reminds us to keep these young people in our prayers as they prepare for and experience NYG 2016: In Christ AloneStay tuned for our next destination goal!

Questions? Contact our Walk To coordinator, Susette Drager (conu90@aol.com)!