At Mount Olive, one of our greatest joys is being part of kids and families learning and growing together in Jesus' love!

We are here to encourage and equip parents as they nurture their children's faith

and to provide opportunities for Christian education and fellowship! 

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If you have questions about the children's and family ministry at Mount Olive, please contact Jeannie Newton, our children's ministry coordinator.


Faith Legacy

This series of video + discussion-based learning events aims to equip parents to be the primary faith facilitators in their child's life! After taking part in the three one-hour sessions for each age-related milestone, parents will present their children with a blessing object as part of the blessing event in a worship service. Topics discussed at the appropriate age-levels include how to have family devotions, how to teach your child to serve, how to instill values for money management and giving, how to discuss sexuality and purity and more! Families will gain tools to help nurture a legacy of faith! For more information on the Faith Legacy curriculum, click here

CONTACT: Jeannie Newton (

Sunday School

Sunday mornings: 9:15 to 10:30 a.m.

'Oikos' - Household of Faith - is Sunday morning education for all ages!  Gather with others of all ages & life stages around God's Word and grow in faith together! The interactive structure includes digging into a weekly reading from God's Word, connecting the Small Catechism to daily life, and joining together in prayer, song and discussion! 

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Christian Arts Camp

Click here to learn more about our week-long, arts-focused camp held each summer!

Spotlight on: Summer Sunday School!

This year, summer Sunday School has been quite a bit different than usual! Gathering on Zoom with our teachers Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Draeger, Mrs. DuChateau, and Mrs. Wysocki has taught us the important of staying connected through God's word. Despite the challenges of learning together through screens, our teachers have creatively and patiently "loved us to Jesus" by teaching Bible stories, inviting questions and discussion, sending home coloring pages and activities, and helping us to connect the dots between the Sunday School curriculum and lessons from the Pastors' sermons. Seeing the familiar faces of our church family and friends has helped us remember how important it is to check on each other when things aren't quite normal. The unique challenge of having Sunday School over Zoom has also allowed us to have interesting conversations about Saul's conversion, caring for our neighbors, and how early Christians celebrated church holidays like Ascension and Pentecost! Plus, since we are worshiping from home, we can do cool things like have show and tell with our pets during class too. It's a hoot! Thanks to our wonderful teachers, families, and kiddos for graciously navigating this unique season of worship and faithfulness together! 

Our last session of Sunday morning Zoom will be Sunday, June 7 at our usual time. 

Our next summer session will resume during the new schedule for the Connections group bible hour: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. The link to join us will still be found on this page of the church website!

Join the kids: Pentecost Activity

Since Summer Sunday School meets while the "grown-ups" have their Connections Sunday School class, we wanted to show you a little bit of what we have been learning recently. During the week leading up to Pentecost, Mrs. Newton led the elementary school kids through a creative devotion and reflection on Pentecost. Doing this creative scavenger hunt got us thinking about what some of the important themes, symbols, and aspects of Pentecost are. First we read read Acts 2:1-47 to discover the incredible occasion that we would be celebrating Sunday in worship! Then we received our scavenger hunt list, and were told to take a picture with something that captured the following: wind, fire, any nationality, something that represents the number of people baptized that day, the name of the apostle who preached or the meaning of his name, or the quoted passage from Joel  found in Acts 2:17-21. Below you can see what we came up with - can you guess which pictures go with which Pentecost themes? If you get stumped, flip through the scripture while embracing your inner child- our kids are pretty clever!

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