SMALL GROUPS at Mount Olive

CONNECT, GROW, SERVE with small groups at Mount Olive!  

As part of the "Deep" branch of Mt. Olive ministries, CONNECT with God and other Christians. Mount Olive offers a variety of groups for a variety of people. You can GROW in your understanding of God and His Word. Groups are also encouraged to express their faith as they SERVE both our church family and our community. 

Contact DCE Bill Cullen ( with any questions you might have or to be connected to a small group!


At Mount Olive, we seek to be a congregation of missional communities. A missional community is a small group that meets to support and encourage one another in loving and serving those in our "missional neighborhoods" - where we live, where we work, and where we play - in our everyday lives. Time together as a missional community is spent supporting and encouraging one another by looking at Scripture, praying with and for one another and sharing where we've seen God at work in our missional neighborhoods, as we consider the following questions:

  • Where or how have you recently seen God at work in your neighborhood, at work, or in your social/recreational settings? We want to join God in what He is already doing. 
  • How has God been messing with you - what has He been communicating to you in and through His Word? 
  • With whom are you having conversation and enjoying a relationship (particularly those without a community of faith)?
  • Where or with whom have you had or do you have the opportunity to do good, to be a blessing, to make a difference? 
  • For whom are you praying (again, particularly those without a community of faith) and how can we support you in prayer? 

To learn more about missional communities, please contact DCE Bill Cullen. Join the adventure today!